Subspecialty day | ASCRS
May 05, 2023

ASCRS Subspecialty day

ASCRS Subspecialty Day on the Friday preceding the ASCRS Annual Meeting gives attendees a concentrated educational experience. 

One Registration, Three Programs…and a Bonus

When you register for the ASCRS Subspecialty Day, you gain unfettered access to Refractive Day, Cornea Day, and Glaucoma Day. 

Bonus: All registrants for ASCRS Subspecialty Day will have access to the new, inaugural Digital Day, sponsored by the Digital Ophthalmic Society and taking place in conjunction with Subspecialty Day. Learn more about Digital Day below.

Registration is now open for ASCRS Subspecialty Day and the full ASCRS Annual Meeting program. 


DOS Digital Day

Digital Day sponsored by the Digital Ophthalmic Society will take place in conjunction with ASCRS Subspecialty Day. All registrants for Subspecialty Day will have access to Digital Day programming. 

Digital Day will be centered around novel, technology-driven solutions with functional clinical integration. The ophthalmic world is now moving at an unparalleled and unprecedented speed, and Digital Day will identify the essentials to provide surgeons with advanced topic lectures, protocol development, and practice education. 

The option to express interest in attending Digital Day will pop up when registering for ASCRS Subspecialty Day or the ASCRS Subspecialty Day + ASCRS Annual Meeting.

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