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Learning New Surgical Skills
November 2023
Faculty: Brenton Finklea, MD, Rahul Tonk, MD, Elena Bitrian, MD, Ivo Ferreira, MD

Join moderators Rahul Tonk and Brenton Finklea as they are joined by panelists Elena Bitrian and Ivo Ferreira Rios in a lively series of presentations and discussions on the challenges surrounding learning new surgical techniques after training. As a surgical subspecialty, ophthalmology poses unique challenges to being a lifelong learner a nd continuing to adapt to new innovations and procedures. We will take an in-depth look at these barriers to staying at the leading edge of the field and how to overcome them to be the best surgeon you can be.
webinar faculty
Brenton Finklea, MD


Rahul Tonk, MD


Elena Bitrian, MD
Ivo Ferreira, MD

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