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ASCRS Business of Refractive Cataract Surgery Summit

Taking Your Practice from Good to Great

Grow your advanced-technology IOL practice with confidence in this new course led by experienced faculty who have a track record of success. This investment in your practice will provide the navigational tools the team needs to lead patients on their refractive cataract surgery journey.

This Summit will help you overcome obstacles many practices face with these lens choices by:

Course Dates: September 27–28, 2024
Course Location: Irving, Texas

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Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

This may be the most important course your practice can attend to prepare for the future. Patients want advanced implants and learning how best to deliver them enhances patient joy, professional satisfaction, and the financial health your practice deserves in this reducing third-party pay for cataract surgery environment. I highly recommend your practice enroll in this heavily business-oriented course if you desire to grow in advanced implant refractive cataract surgery.
Richard Lindstrom, MD

Hear the Why

Advanced-technology implants account for 40% of Dr. Vance Thompson’s cataract practice. He is passionate about giving others the skills to successfully adopt these IOLs, which is why he spearheaded this course.

Let the ASCRS Business of Refractive Cataract Surgery Summit show you:

  • Why you should have confidence in modern-day IOL technologies;
  • How to handle the business and discussion of cash-pay elements;
  • How to leverage industry support and resources;
  • How to educate patients on the advanced-technology implant journey in a way that sets up proper expectations that maximize joy for the patient, staff, and doctor.  .

Read this op-ed, “Seize the opportunity,” an EyeWorld Online Exclusive, from Dr. Thompson.

18+ Onsite Course Hours | Substantial Resources

Successful adoption of advanced-technology implants into your cataract practice could recoup your investment in one month, one week, or even one day.

Team Experience

A successful refractive cataract practice has the whole team on board—from the surgeon to the primary implementor (check out the FAQs to learn what an implementor is), all touchpoints along the patient journey are important. For this reason, both surgeons and a member of their practice staff are encouraged to attend together. Learn more about who should attend this course.

Who Should Attend

In-Person Intensive

More than 18 course hours (6 hours are approved for AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM) will cover the patient experience cycle, business foundation, and the necessary tools and approach to incorporate advanced-technology IOLs in your cataract practice. The onsite experience will offer a variety of engaging learning formats, including CME programming and sponsored events. Learn more about the course.


Ongoing Support

In addition to the onsite curriculum, course attendees will receive access to a range of exclusive resources that include ongoing mentorship and support, as well as customizable patient forms, practice checklists, and educational materials to incorporate into your practice. Learn more about the resources enrollment unlocks.



By successfully adopting advanced-technology implants into your cataract practice, you could recoup this investment in one month, one week, or even one day. Enrollment is limited to a small group—save your space.


What You'll Gain


  1. Ins and outs for a successful premium practice
  2. How to build a team culture and patient experience that drives revenue and referrals
  3. Steps to confidently deliver the best patient outcomes with advanced-technology implants

Take Home

  1. Customizable patient forms and practice checklists
  2. Educational materials for the team, referring doctors, and patients
  3. A roadmap for implementation
  4. Ongoing mentorship
  5. An exclusive, invaluable resource library built from 20 years of experience in this arena

Most importantly, you’ll be part of the community of surgeons and implementors who are also looking to grow their practice with advanced-technology implants and faculty who have proven success with the principles encompassed in this course.

If you have any questions about the ASCRS Business of Refractive Cataract Surgery Summit, please email 

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