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Crafting a Fulfilling Work/Life Blend
February 2024
Moderators: Aakriti Garg Shukla, MD; Neda Nikpoor, MD
Presenters: Rahul Tonk, MD; Sarah Van Tassel, MD; Brett Mueller, MD

Join moderators Neda Nikpoor, MD, and Aaki Shukla, MD, and panelists Sarah Van Tassel, MD, Brett Mueller, MD, and Rahul Tonk, MD, as they discuss how they’re cultivating a work/life balance as ophthalmic surgeons. They share strategies of crafting mission statements, micro/macro views of their professional and personal lives, and pearls to combat burnout while flourishing in careers they love.
Webinar Faculty
Brett Mueller, MD
Neda Nikpoor, MD
Aakriti Garg Shukla, MD
Rahul Tonk, MD
Sarah Van Tassel, MD

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