ASCRS Refractive Day | ASCRS
Apr 05, 2024
Boston, MA

ASCRS Refractive Day

ASCRS Refractive Day this year will focus on understanding the patients’ lifelong refractive journey. Discussion will cover everything from corneal refractive surgery and phakic IOLs to presbyopia treatments and refractive cataract surgery. Refractive Day also features the Steinert Lecture.

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2024 ASCRS Refractive Day

Develop specific skillsets for each stage of refractive surgery while cultivating a general knowledge and continued awareness of the entire lifelong refractive journey at ASCRS Refractive Day. Over a lifetime, patients could benefit from corneal refractive surgery and phakic IOLs, presbyopia treatments, and refractive cataract surgery. Therefore, when planning any refractive approach, surgeons should consider the past, present, and possible future treatments.

Learn more about ASCRS Refractive Day in the agenda below.

Program Chairs

Daniel Chang, MD


Cathleen McCabe, MD


Vance Thompson, MD


Invited Moderators

Kendall Donaldson, MD

Lisa McIntire, MD

Audrey Talley Rostov, MD

William Wiley, MD